Since the early 1990s, BTS volunteers have participated in a human rights accompaniment program in Guatemala, acting as international observers and witnesses to human rights violations and threats.

The first BTS accompaniers were involved in accompanying the return of refugees to Guatemala during the signing of the peace accords, and today, volunteers accompany a number of human rights organizations and individuals working against impunity and for truth and justice, the defense of territory and natural resources, and labour and union rights.

The people asking for accompaniment are aware of the great risk that they are taking by speaking out about the truth, not as anonymous victims or witnesses, but as public actors with names and faces. International accompaniers act as observers, document any intimidations, threats or acts of violence against those being accompanied, and quickly disseminate that information through their networks at an international level.

Human rights accompaniment can help dissuade violent action and help create a space whereby Guatemalan human rights defenders can work safer.

Please check back on this page in the future to find out when we will next be recruiting new human rights accompaniers!