Cases we accompany

In 2000, the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) together with the Centre for Human Rights Legal Action (CALDH) launched a case against former Guatemalan president Romeo Lucas Garcia and his high military command, charging them with genocide and crimes against humanity committed during the country’s internal armed conflict. Following suit, in 2001, a similar case was launched against de facto President Efrain Rios Montt and his military high command.

In January 2012, major advances were made in the case against Efrain Rios Montt when he became the first President in Latin America to be indicted on charges of genocide. In 2013, Rios Montt was convicted of genocide and war crimes and sentenced to a 90 year sentence. Days later, the decision was annulled; at this point, a new trial date has not been set. Read more here.

ACOGUATE has provided accompaniment to the AJR, comprised of the witnesses in both cases, since 2000 and continues to accompany them as the cases move forward.

ACOGUATE also provides accompaniment to many other organizations seeking justice for crimes of the past and who work towards ending present-day impunity.