Today, BTS participates in ACOGUATE, an international umbrella organization made from 11 independent solidarity committees from 10 different countries in North America and Europe who send accompaniers as part of their work. To date, over 500 international accompaniers have volunteered with ACOGUATE, including dozens who have been trained and supported by BTS. In 2011 and 2012, four BTS-supported accompaniers volunteered with ACOGUATE.

ACOGUATE has two teams:

Equipo Regional (Regional Teams) program provides long-term accompaniment to witnesses in the genocide trials and their supporters. Since May 2000, approximately 30 communities in 5 regions of Guatemala have requested international accompaniment to support their process of denouncing acts of state violence committed against them in the 1980s. In 2011, major arrests were made against former military high command and charges laid for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Equipo Movil (Mobile Team) is mainly capital-based and provides short-term accompaniment to individuals and organizations that have received threats and intimidation due to the nature of their work and have requested such an international presence.