BTS supports many of our partners who work on themes of gender-based violence and feminicide.


  • The murder of a woman because of her gender.
  • A form of terrorism that functions to define gender lines, enact and bolster male dominance, and render women chronically and profoundly unsafe.
  • Occurs throughout the world – China, India, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
  • 99% of femicide cases in Guatemala remain in impunity.

Feminicide is a political term.

It encompasses more than femicide because it holds responsible not only the male perpetrators but also the state and judicial structures that reinforce misogyny.
State responsibility for the crime includes the commission of the actual killing, toleration of acts of violence, or inability to guarantee the rights and safety of its female citizens.

(The above was taken from a fact sheet written by the Guatemala Human Rights Commission – USA . Click here for a link to the original document.)