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Justice for the 36 Achi Women: Speaking Tour with Gloria Reyes!

From October 26-30th, we’ll be joined by Gloria Reyes, a Maya Achi lawyer with long-time BTS partner organization, the Rabinal Legal Clinic. Gloria is leading the case for justice for 36 women from Rabinal who suffered sexual violence during the Internal Armed Conflict and genocide against the Mayan people. She’ll speak throughout the Maritimes on this [...]

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Festivales Solidarios: Winners of the 2019 Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Youth Award!

We are excited to announce the 2019 winner of the Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Youth Award is Festivales Solidarios (or Solidarity Festivals), a group of Indigenous and Meztizo youth who use art and social media in resistance to defend territory, historical memory and raise awareness of political prisoners in Guatemala. The group began its work in 2013 with the criminalization of [...]

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