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Electing for Forgetting the Past – Guatemalan Elections 2011

As many of you know, the final round of the elections in Guatemala took place on November 6, 2011. Tension was high leading up to this date given that the two contenders, Manuel Baldizon and Otto Perez Molina, represent right-wing interests the former calling for the return of the death penalty. In the case of Perez Molina, [...]

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Update from Intern Laura Fanjoy following Rainy Season in Guatemal

I had the opportunity to visit Salvador Xolhuitz this week, the CCDA-affiliated community that was most affected by the recent rains. The members of the community showed me the damages suffered on their property, and requested that I put together an article for their English-speaking friends to convey the impact of the damages and their [...]

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Reflection: Becky McMillan at IMAP (2009)

“The seed is life, it is a gift from mother earth, and is sacred, for that reason there are ceremonies and there we share with our neighbours, so that mother earth gives us abundance, for that reason there are many practices and rituals for the seed. As much for corn as for the other seeds [...]

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