Partners’ Meetings

In 2007, BTS held its first Solidarity Gathering in Guatemala. During the course of the three day gathering, the CCDANew Hope Foundation, HIJOS, Kaqchikel Presbytery and members of BTS from the Maritimes came together for the first time to share their work and experiences. Though our partners work on a diversity of issues, the common struggle for justice, an end to impunity, and for social transformation guided the weekend and enabled those present to imagine a way to collaborate in the future.

In 2009, the second Solidarity Gathering was held and it was agreed that the BTS Network in Guatemala would continue to meet on a regular basis.

Since then, BTS Partners (BTS Guatemala) have met approximately three times per year to share information and experiences as a group and to plan ways to collaborate in the future. There have also been opportunities for field visits to learn first hand about the work of other social justice organizations, as an expression of solidarity and to strengthen their collective capacity for action.